Preserving and Storing the Organic Way

by Adrian Michaels Since buying or growing organic produce tends to be a seasonal affair, you will want to be able to preserve your fruits and vegetables to use later in the year. There are several great food preservation methods that you can use to keep food for many months, all still retaining the organic… 

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Every Soon-to-Be Mom Must Know…

Mothers pass toxic chemicals to their babies through their umbilical cords, according to a groundbreaking study.The recent study commissioned by Washington-based Environmental Working Group found an average 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants (body load) in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in U.S. hospitals.

Clean up your Cleaning Act!

Companies are allowed to make you believe their product is really full of that nice fresh picture of fruit on the front label, and we want to believe that! However, the truth is, of course, that they just used chemicals instead to make that smell. There are no real strawberries or lemons in your window spray or lip gloss.

Buying Organic – The Right Choice at the Right Time

Chemicals found in manufactured foods, personal care products, industrial agriculture foods, and chemically treated water, have been linked to many health problems. Chemical ingestion, inhalation, and absorption into the body have shown to increase birth defects, rates of cancer, neurological conditions, and behavioral and developmental problems in children. New evidence also shows pesticides in a woman’s bloodstream can be passed to a fetus in the womb…

Organic Savings: 12 Foods You Don’t Have To Buy Organics

According to Shoppers’ Guide to Pesticides in Produce (by Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit organization that advocates for policies that protect global and individual health), there are twelve foods (out of the 43 different fruit and vegetable categories) had the lowest pesticide load when conventionally grown. This result is based on the studies of nearly 43,000 pesticide tests. Consequently, they are the safest conventionally grown crops to consume:

Organics Clears Pesticides in Children

Harmful pesticides found in everyday food products Mercer Island children tested in yearlong study Government promises to rid the nation’s food supply of brain-damaging pesticides aren’t doing the job, according to the results of a yearlong study that carefully monitored the diets of a group of local children. The peer-reviewed study found that the urine… 

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