10 Steps to Perfect Skin – the Korean Way


  Have you ever wondered why Korean women has flawless and radiant skin? It is because Koreans view that their skin is the ultimate investment, worthy of their money and even more so, their time. Korean beauties perform an intricate 10-step cleansing and moisturizing routine every night before going to bed. This shows how serious… 

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Homemade Herbal Beauty Tips


Beauty is one of the popular topic people talk about. Rather than using synthetic cosmetic products people prefer homemade herbal cosmetics to keep them young for longer time. These herbal cosmetics are not only inexpensive but also effective and safe. This article discusses two useful homemade herbal beauty tips that are very useful in our daily life.

Healthy Skin Care All Winter Long


How often should you change your skin care products? Well, that depends upon the quality of the product itself. Products that are made from wholesome ingredients tend to work wonders all year long. However, if you are using a product that dries your skin out, you can be sure that this product will not help your skin at all. As you can see, the types of skin care products that you use really will make a difference this winter.

Olive Oil, A Great Solution For Hair And Skin Care

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been widely used in your salads as well as many other things. It is one of healthiest components to make your food taste better. This oil comes directly from the Mediterranean Region and it has become so famous that it has been used in all the continents.

It is a favorite among all the health conscious people. Due to the immense number of benefits

Cancer Alert: Protect Your Skin this Summer (2)

In my quest for searching for the safest sunscreen, I came across with alarming findings that you must be weary! Many commercial [tag]sunscreen[/tag] products contain ingredients which latest research reveals may cause serious problems…. Please check your sunscreen and watch out for the following ingredients! Octyl-methoxycinnamate – produces free radicals (singlet molecular oxygen) known to… 

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Cancer Alert: Protect Your Skin this Summer


[tag]Summer[/tag] is here and it is utmost important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Too much exposure to the [tag]ultraviolet light[/tag], UVA or UVB from sunlight will inevitably cause premature skin aging, skin cancer, and a host of skin changes. Obviously, one way to protect your skin from the summer sun is… 

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