The Healing Power of a Great Night’s Sleep

Sleep helps your body heal. It’s really the only time your muscles can completely rest and recover. There are a ton of studies linking sleep with healing. They show that, among other things, human growth hormone and melatonin, both of which play a big role in tissue recovery and immunity, are produced during sleep.

10 Ways to get a Good Night’s Sleep

by Linda Dessau [tag]Sleep[/tag] – are you getting enough? For some people, enough is four to six hours. Other people just don’t feel right with less than eight hours. People need more or less sleep at different phases in their life. Women may need more or less sleep at different phases of the month. The… 

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Baby Yourself – Let’s Start with Sleep

By: Jill Schneider [tag]Sleep[/tag] is essential to our ability to function in our everyday life which has much to do with our happiness. No matter what mental, physical, and emotional problems you have in your life, they will be worsened by exhaustion. It’s impossible to be [tag]happy[/tag] when you are overwhelmed, anxious and short-tempered….all extensions… 

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