Buy Natural Zinc Oxide Sunscreen


If you are looking for good all-natural and safe sunscreen products for your babies, kids, loved ones and yourself, I would recommend these few trusted brands that I personally tried: 1. UV Natural UV Natural is an Australian made sunscreen that has recently been ranked by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) as the Safest and… 

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Zinc Oxide Sunscreen vs Titanium Oxide Sunscreen

Following my post on Cancer Alert: Protect Your Skin this Summer, I have been researching on commercial [tag]sunscreens[/tag] and [tag]organic sunscreens[/tag]. To my utmost dismay, some reputable “organic” companies claimed to make “organic sunscreen” that is safe and free of dangerous chemicals. How deceiving their claims are! When you scrutinize their ingredient lists, you will… 

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