The NEW Low-Carbon Diet

The new [tag]low-carbon diet[/tag] is for everyone and anyone – [tag]men[/tag] and [tag]women[/tag] in their 20s to 80s, [tag]teenager[/tag]s, [tag]boy[/tag]s and [tag]girls[/tag]. Regardless of your age, and physique, you can go on this [tag]diet[/tag].

Experts have proved that this diet is totally effective and easy to follow – and this will be the next big thing.

Liz Hurley James Martin Elle McPherson

It will be SO big that [tag]celebrities[/tag] like the very sexy [tag]Liz Hurley[/tag], the famous celebrity chef[ [tag]James Martin[/tag], [tag]supermodel[/tag] [tag]Elle McPherson[/tag], singer [tag]Olivia Newton-John[/tag] and [tag]actress[/tag] [tag]Kelly Preston[/tag] (Mrs. John Travolta) will also be on this diet !

These group of celebrities share two things in common, they love [tag]organic[/tag]s and the [tag]environment[/tag]. Liz Hurley has started her organic farm , James Martin has always been cooking organic, whereas Elle McPherson has been a strong supporter of [tag]organic food[/tag] and [tag]health[/tag]y eating.

The low-carbon diet is not a hype – it is growing trend because people go for it for some reasons and objectives. It is not just about loving [tag]organic[/tag]s and the [tag]environment[/tag], it is really about the desire to combat [tag]global warming[/tag].

Global warming is a serious environmental issue that is already disrupting people’s lives. It is already affecting you.

A hotter earth means the rapid spread of fatal diseases. Remember the [tag]hantavirus[/tag] outbreak in 1993-94. Scientists suspects it is highly link to climate change. Six years of drought followed by heavy spring rains in 1993 produced a burst of plant growth. This in turn led to a tenfold increase in the population of deer mice. Extreme weather, such as drought and torrential downpours, will be increasingly common as the Earth heats up.

Like hantavirus cases suddenly showing up in the U.S., outbreaks of various diseases have been reported in parts of South America and Africa that until recently had never seen them. In Mexico, [tag]dengue fever[/tag] has spread above its former elevation limit of 3,300 feet and has appeared as high as 5,600 feet. In Colombia, the mosquitoes that carry dengue fever and yellow fever viruses were previously limited to 3,300 feet but have been recently found at 7,200 feet. (Epstein, P.)

A hotter earth also means you cannot do more outdoor sports because hotter days means unhealthier air. More hot days mean better conditions for creating smog that can trigger [tag]asthma[/tag] and other breathing problems. According to Dr. John Balmes of the American Lung Association of California, higher smog levels “may cause or exacerbate serious health problems, including damage to lung tissue, reduced lung function, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and increased hospitalizations for people with cardiac and respiratory illnesses.”


A hotter earth also means stronger [tag]hurricanes[/tag]. Storms are getting fiercer. A recent MIT study found that the destructive potential of tropical storms has doubled over the past 30 years. It correlates this increasing ferocity with warmer sea surface temperatures, suggesting a strong link to global warming. Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has doubled since the 1970′s.

A hotter earth causes lethal heat waves. In 2003, Europe was struck by the world’s deadliest [tag]heat wave[/tag]. High temperatures broke records in many countries. England hit a historical high on August 10 when the thermometer in Gravesend-Broadness, Kent hit 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit. In Germany, an all-time record of 104.4 degrees Fahrenheit was set on August 8.

The extreme temperatures led to a tragic loss of life. A staggering 27,000 people died as a result of the relentless heat, breaking all records for heat-induced fatalities. In France alone, where hospitals were overwhelmed, more than 14,000 people died.

These are just part of the dangers of global warming. More dangers are reported at the Environmental Defense. If you want to put a stop to this, jump onto the bandwagon and go on a low-carbon diet. By going on this diet, you get to:

1. Combat global warming

2. Save our planet

3. Save energy

4. Save [tag]money[/tag]

To find out how, all you have to do is download the Low Carbon Diet Kit to get started. Small changes to your daily routine can add up to big differences in helping to stop global warming. It is not too late to start today and join the group of A-List celebrities to combat global warming !

The Low-Carbon Diet is an IN and COOL diet, you wont regret being on one… Visit for more info.

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