The Organic Skin Care List

I reckon there are too many companies out there taking the consumer for a “ride” by misrepresenting their skin care products as organic or natural.

They do this by merely abusing the word “organic”, “natural”, and “certified organic”. Of course, they fool us further by using beautiful images of plump and fresh fruits, herbs, and any natural elements on their packaging and we tend to fall for it because it attracts us.

Some even preach “organic” and “natural” but they are not very natural themselves. What irony….but heck, it works to deceive the general consumers…

If you have read my post on organic labeling ( , you would realize that you shouldn’t be fooled anymore and you must be very aware and educated of what you are really paying for.

After all, why would you spend hundreds on skin care products that could do harm to your health in the long run?

In order to differentiate between the truly organic products and the “masked” organic products, what you can do is really to read the organic labels. Yes, you need to be an ingredient detective and I have a guide on how you can decipher the complicated ingredient list here. I have also done a post on what harmful ingredients that you should avoid. You can read it here.

Another way, is of course to check for the certification label, such as the USDA Food Grade standard, and ACO (Australia Certified Organics).

If a skin care product has the USDA label, it means you can literally eat-them! Hey, it is a Food Grade standard after-all. Can’t go too wrong right? This also means that the skin care product is as good as food, which in turn means it is very natural.

Not many companies have obtained the USDA label, and obviously it is still countable with two bare hands. However, please bear in mind that not all its range bear the USDA label. You will still have to watch out for this logo:


The companies that actually produce USDA organic skin care are:

1. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

2. Grateful Body

3. Miessence

4. Organic Essence

5. Sensibility Soaps

6. Terresentials

7. Trillium Organics

If you know of others companies that have USDA certified skin care products, do give me a lead. Thanks :)



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