The Power of Music to Heal Your Stress

by Quinlan Murray

Everyone suffers from stress at some point in their lives. It may range from easygoing stress to severe ones. If you allow your stress to enhance without doing something to relax, your health may get affected to a large extent. You may start suffering from several diseases such as gastric problems, diarrhea and headaches as a result of stress and anxiety. If it continues for an elongated period of time, you may also put your health in danger.

One effective way to fight stress and anxiety is to use the power of music. Music can be therapeutic and may prove beneficial for your wellbeing in several ways. A soothing music enhances your mental functioning, increases healing and further helps you to feel relaxed and calm. It is the comforting beat of the music which has a healing effect to relieve you from your stress and worries.

How Music Therapy helps to Heal Stress

Music helps to relax your tense muscles, and as you feel relaxed and calm, your worries and tensions float away into the background. Listening to affirming lyrics help you to feed your brain with positive thoughts. It will also provide you with more positive energy and will help to reduce the level of your stress. Music soothes your nerves and affects your mood in various situations.

Listening to music at the start of the day makes your day run smother. After a hard day’s work, the only thing you may feel like doing is to make the evening meal. Put on a soothing music while you cook, it will offer you complete tranquility and relaxation and will banish all your mild depression. The serene chirping of birds, the splashing of waves and the rippling of stream may also help more and more positive energies to flow within you.

How Music helps to Overcome Stress

Music has a tremendous power to help in the process of healing stress and emotional trauma; it has been lauded by psychiatrists and doctors alike. Today, calm and soothing music are used in mainstream medical environs as an addition to promote relaxation and relieve pain. It is found in neonatal units, nursing homes and operating rooms and you may learn to use the healing technique of music at your own home.

• Keep good collection of different genres of music. Categorize each type according to the emotion. If you are feeling sorry for yourself try sillier golden oldies. In case you are depressed, you can also try out roll and upbeat rocks.

• Spend few minutes everyday playing your favorite instrumentals, such as acoustic guitar or classics. It will minimize your distraction and stress and will allow you to get carried off with the harmonious melody.

• Stop thinking about those feelings of irritation that enters your mind. A strong, cheerful song can help you in this process. Music can help to blow-off all your anxieties and stress and may offer you a great and healthy life.

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