Tips: Caring for your Juicer

If you are like me – a juice lover, I am very sure you have a faithful [tag]juicer[/tag]. However, do you know how to provide the best care for your machine so that it can maintain its peak performance condition?

Here are some handy tips that I would love to share:

  1. Always clean your juicers immediately after using it.
  2. If you are juicing a lot of fruit or vegetables at a time, occasionally run water through the juicer once or twice to remove the pulp.
  3. If you are using strongly colored or pungent fruits or vegetable, you can also run water through the juicer occasionally or alternatively, process a few pieces of apple through the juicer- this should prevent subsequent juicers from being discolored or unfavorably flavored.
  4. Make sure that you check your owners manual. If the model allows, soak the juicer or clean it with a little bleach to remove stains that will collect over time.
  5. If soaking is not an option, use a solution of 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda diluted in 1 cup of water to clean the stains.



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