Tips to Increase Breast Milk Supply

According to Hilary Jacobson CH.HU.SI., what [tag]mothers[/tag] eat can influence their [tag]breast milk[/tag] supply.

In her book, Mother Food for Breastfeeding Mothers, nursing moms need to adhere to a dietary guideline after birth. Apparently, getting a good start for the first few weeks after birth can be helpful in supporting the onset and development of a mother’s milk supply.

Here are some dietary guideline as outlined in her book:

  • Get enough to eat. By eating regularly, you will gain enough calories to support your milk supply.
  • Drink 2-3 quarts of water a day. However, some mothers discover that they need much more fluids to maintain an optimal milk supply.
  • Eat at least one warm meal per day that includes a source of protein, a portion of green salad, a grain such as millet or rice, and cooked vegetables such as yam, carrot, and fennel.
  • Avoid food that is hard to digest such as fried or extremely fatty food.
  • Take probiotic yogurt or lactobacilli supplements to protect your intestinal flora and to help prevent colic and allergy in your baby
  • Get healthy fats such as butter and olive oil, and remember to supplement with essential fatty acids.
  • Spice moderately with lactogenic spices, for instance with sea-salt, with dill or caraway, or basil and marjoram, and, if tolerated, with garlic. If you lost a lot of blood during birth, avoid taking ginger for several weeks.
  • Herbs useful after birth include stinging nettle to rebuild the blood lost during birth, turmeric, to help prevent breast inflammation, oat-straw, to nurture the nerves and to help prevent nervous exhaustion. These herbs also increase milk supply, so keep an eye on your supply and reduce or increase your dosage of these herbs as necessary.
  • A traditional Chinese remedy used in the early postpartum is homemade chicken soup, simmered with the bones for several hours and rich with chicken fat, taken only once a week—otherwise, it is said to over-stimulate the baby. This remedy is reputed to prevent depression, to restore a mother’s vitality, and to help develop an abundant milk supply.



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