Ways To Quit Smoking: Which One is Right for You?

by Dragomirescu Dragos

I know, it’s true… there are so many available ways to quit smoking on the market. But how do you find one that works? This article aims at explaining the most common of them, suggests other different approaches like creative visualization and meditation and outlines some suggestions to use when selecting a method to quit.

But wait…you may wonder, shouldn’t there be a single method that could work in every case? I’m going to be honest with you, although I am aware I will upset some “gurus” who claim their program has a success rate of 100%. The truth is that there is no universal way to quit smoking for the simple reason that people are DIFFERENT!

You see, each of us share a different cultural background, social conditioning or mental patterns and tendencies when it comes to smoking. Some of us smoke to alleviate stress, others to overcome boredom and still others to better enjoy their social situations.

Some are deeply aware of the health effects and want to quit smoking mainly because of that, while for others the financial aspect is becoming an issue of concern.

You can also easily spot differences among people simply by paying attention to the different types of cars they buy, the types of partners they fall in love with or the vast array of other personal preferences. From all this, you can easily come to the logical conclusion that indeed there should be many ways to quit smoking tailored to different types of people.

Now, let’s outline some of the most common ways to quit smoking.

Cold Turkey
This method requires quitting smoking abruptly without using any nicotine patch, pill or any other aid. Studies reveal that when a person attempts to quit smoking cold turkey, b motivational factors are involved. Also, in order for the method to be effective, you must allow for a preparation period in which, for example, you can get enough motivation or develop some amount of will power

The method has recently started to gain in popularity mainly due to its simplicity and presumable efficacy. The idea is that by directly influencing your subconscious mind, you can easily change your deep-seated mental patterns related to smoking. However, there are some conditions you must meet before any successful attempt should be tried: you must allow to be hypnotized, you must believe in the method, and you must feel comfortable and relaxed when a session is in progress

Although it originated rather recently (in the 80s in Canada), it is said to be an effective method although there aren’t enough studies to validate its effectiveness. It works by applying a special, painless laser on certain points on your body. In turn, this produces a calming, relaxing effect similar to the body’s reaction to nicotine. Many consider the procedure just a placebo effect, while for others it proved really effective

Quit Smoking Pills
Simplicity and fast results is what we all want, don’t we? The quit smoking pill seems to finally be the solution we have been missing for so long. Zyban, Wellbutrin or Chantix are some brand names you can find on the market. Be careful, though! Side effects can show up, so it is always advisable to consult a specialist before taking any kind of pill

This 3,500 year old remedy is based on the presumption that a vital energy, called “chi” flows through 12 key channels in your body, and in turn, these channels have at least 365 acupuncture points. When these points get blocked, it leads to different problems in the body. By using thin needles placed on different points, the vital energy is restored leading to harmonious function of the affected body part. Recently, the principles of acupuncture have begun to be used for quitting smoking too, and results have shown that it helps reduce the intensity of the cravings

Will Power
People who value self-reliance more than anything else select this method from the many ways to quit smoking available. However, you must clearly understand how will power operates, and most importantly how this skill can be developed by using special will power exercises. Will power works just like a muscle, in other words the more you develop it the ber it becomes. Systematic training can bring this much coveted skill under your own control

Creative Visualization
This relatively new techniques it’s based on the popular Law of Attraction, in other words, what we imagine in our mind’s eye will come to pass. By using a special type of visualization you can, in time and with practice, alter your subconscious mind and consequently kick the habit out of your life. The method is detailed on the website available at the end of this article

Meditation has become very popular these days, and its benefits are indeed numerous. For quitting smoking, you can apply what I call the “No Meditation Meditation” in which you practically learn to “witness” your cravings when they appear. Check the website for more details

Quitting Smoking Gradually
If you plan to quit smoking gradually, it is better to decide in advance how many cigarettes you want to cut out and when the final quitting day should be. Some amount of will power is still required, so it is advisable to first learn more about your power of will and how can it help you with the process

Herbal Products
Lobelia, coltsfoot, mullein, horehound, mimosa, caosu, clove, primrose and chamomile are some herbs that have proven effective to some people. Studies reveal that they have proven more effective when used in conjunction with alternative therapies. Also, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before considering any herbal alternative

Wow! So many methods…how should you choose one? My advice is to use your emotional intelligence when you try to select one of the ways to quit smoking presented here. In other words, choose one that “feels” right for you.

For example, people more inclined to spirituality may consider meditation or hypnosis while for some the cold turkey or will power approach could be a better alternative.

Author’s Bio

Dragos Dragomirescu has researched many methods that could help people quit smoking. If you want to learn more about the different outlined above, then make sure you visit Ways to Quit Smoking. Here you will find plenty of articles and self-help materials to help you kick the habit once and for all.



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