Why Do We Need Collagen for Youthful Skin?

Collagen has been the “buzz” word in the skin care industry. They’re often advertised as an anti-ageing solution. At a glance, this makes sense because collagen is a type of fibrous protein that connects and supports bodily tissues.

Known as the glue that holds the body together, collagen works hand-in-hand with elastin to give body tissues form and provides firmness and strength.

Naturally, the production of collagen diminishes as we age, thus leading to wrinkles. As such, collagen is an important substance for those looking for ways to fight the visible effects of ageing on the skin.

While collagen can deliver benefits to skin, collagen creams are not as effective as what manufacturers have claimed. Collagen creams does not have the ability to rebuild or replace lost collagen.

The only sources of collagen are animal skins. The molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin’s cells. Although collagen creams cannot penetrate the skin to build new fibres, they are highly effective moisturisers for dry skin.

If a collagen boost is what you are after, you need to sought for products that contains Vitamin C, soy, or retinol. These are agents that have been shown clinically to boost collagen production.

In Asia, drinking fish collagen is very popular. This is because  the absorption rate of fish collagen is about 1.5 times higher than pig-skin collagen. Readily dissolved in liquids, powered Amino Collagen is designed to be consumed in rinks, making it easy to get all the collagen you need to build the foundations for beauty. The suggested daily dose is 5,000mg.

Meiji Amino Collagen

The Japanese swears by this collagen drinks and perhaps that is why most Japanese and Asians look younger than their age. If you are interested to try their “beauty secret”, you can purchase the Meiji Amino Collagen drink from Amazon.

If you have tried this supplement, we would love to hear your testimony of this product.



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