You can Change the World in FIVE Minutes!

I am overly excited to share this with YOU because I feel that everyone is empowered to [tag]change the world[/tag]. You don’t have to be in governments and corporation to rock the world. You can be any girl-next-door or a boy-next-door to do this whole changing-the-world business.

Changing the world is simple. You can start by changing a small itsy bitsy things that you can do at home, and the changes you can make to your lifestyle. Like replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient ones, or perhaps taking the public transportation to school or work.

Today, a new Australian website – Change the World in 5 minutes launches !!! :)

Change the World in 5 minutes is about building a positive [tag]online community[/tag] of people with ideas who want to make a change for the good. Visitors can create profile pages, and upload photos, videos and articles, as well as rate material submitted by other users.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to Change the World.



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