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ZuluGrass™ Jewelry is handmade by the [tag]Maasai[/tag] women of Kenya in [tag]East Africa[/tag].

Zulu Grass

The Maasai women harvest the grass, one blade at a time. The long grass was dried and cut into bead-size pieces and dyed lovely hues – blues, greens, reds, yellows, pinks, purples, earth and natural tones – which were then interspersed with glass beads.The luminescent grass and glass beads make the jewelry sparkle in the light.

Fashionably flexible, ZuluGrass™ can be worn as necklace, hair tie, belt, wrist band or anklet. The basic product is a 27″ strand/loop that can be worn in at least 15 different ways.

ZuluGrass Necklace
ZuluGrass™ is water proof, salt water and fresh, colorfast, and long lasting, the elastic has a memory of over 6 years and still going even if warn every day, sun, shower, pool or ocean and tied in any number of ways from day to day.

ZuluGrass Bracelet

ZuluGrass™ is a creation of The Leaky Collection. Based in central Kenya, East Africa, The Leakey Collection founders – Philip and Katy Leakey, combine their talents in interior design and the arts with their love of nature to develop stunning handcrafted products for an international market.

Using natural elements such as fallen wood, grass and ceramic, these renowned designers create unique products while protecting the environment and providing economic opportunity to the local communities.

ZuluGrass™ Jewelry is a Fair Trade product and if you buy Zulugrass here, you are actually helping support Maasai women for better living.

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