3 Exotic Ingredients in Korean Skin Care


We already know that Korean women takes their skin care regime very seriously with their 10-step skin care routine. Did you also know that their approach to skin care differs not only in the routine but in the very ingredients? Typical Korean skin care products contain a wide array of natural and exotic ingredients to… 

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I’m Pregnant: Can I get a Mani-Pedi?


Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. You will be sporting the glorious pregnancy glow on the outside, but on some days, pesky pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, stretched tummy or lack of sleep can leave you feeling pretty crummy on the inside. With your body changing so much during pregnancy, it is a good idea to… 

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10 Steps to Perfect Skin – the Korean Way


  Have you ever wondered why Korean women has flawless and radiant skin? It is because Koreans view that their skin is the ultimate investment, worthy of their money and even more so, their time. Korean beauties perform an intricate 10-step cleansing and moisturizing routine every night before going to bed. This shows how serious… 

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Collagen Drink: Does it Work?


Every time when I logged into my Facebook account, the pretty Laneige Collagen Drink advertisement is tempting me with its pretty pink bottle, surrounded by plump and juicy red orange and pomegranate. It gives a strong impression that this drink is healthy, delicious and most importantly, it contains the elixir of youth. As advertised, this… 

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Top Autumn Skin Care Tips


We are now transitioning to Autumn and this is the perfect time to reassess our skin care regime. As Autumn takes us from Summer into Winter, we first need to renew and recover from the aggressive elements (such as the sun, sand, and insect repellent) of summer and then prepare the skin for the colder months… 

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How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Regime


Today marks the first day of Spring! Before we know it, the sun will be shining, the flowers will be blooming, and hints of green will start appearing around every corner. Spring is also the time to spring clean our bathroom cabinet by replacing every commercial beauty product with something truly pure and natural, and whenever… 

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FREE: Tinted Lip Treatment by La Mav


Happy Valentine’s Day from La Mav! They are giving away a FREE Berry Tinted Lip Treatment, with any order above $150 by this week! To claim your FREE gift, here’s how: Add $150 worth of products to your cart on Lamav.com Add the Berry Lip Treatment to your cart Enter coupon code “subscriber” during checkout… 

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